Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Physics On The Internet Essays - Professional Wrestling Moves

Physics On The Internet? Physics on the Internet (1) Internet web sites: *http://ecw.virtualave.net/avis/ This site has some spectacular aerial wrestling movies. This part of the site is dedicated to death defying wrestling moves. Most of these moves are from the top rope, cage, or cell. John Kronus DESCRIPTION LENGTH SIZE Lands An Awesome 450 Splash. 0:02 311 KB I will be doing one of my examples of physics from this movie file available for download on that page. *http://www.snap.com/directory/category/0%2C16%2Chome-2158%2C00.html This site offers sports of the extreme. This site contains many topics such as X- Games, wakeboarding, inline skating, skate boarding, skydiving, bungee jumping, and many other sports. *http://www.canobie.com/rides.html This site offers descriptions of what makes their theme park so great. There are many rides to go on and there are many things to do at this theme park. The parks ride is the best way to get a hands on experience of what physics is. Canobie's Corkscrew Coaster features two full inversions (that's right...upside down)! Not for the faint of heart. (2) *http://ecw.virtualave.net/avis/ (a) Physics appears on this site in the following areas: + In a flying body during a top rope moonsault. + In a body landing on the floor. + In a guitar being smashed on a persons head.%0

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